It is a Russian-Swiss art project, coordinated by two independent galleries from Saint-Petersburg, FFTN and Kz gallery, with the support of Pro Helvetia Moscow - Swiss Art Council.

NotLand is a notgame, a hybrid virtual landscape for showing art and making walks.

It works on the edge of contemporary art and alternative game design and considers the soft to be a powerful artistic medium. There are four art zones in the virtual landscape of NotLand, which were elaborated by the following artists from Russia and Switzerland: Anna Rotaenko (Moscow), Jürgen Baumann (Wintetour), Till Langeshied (Basel) and Sasha Zubritskaya (Saint-Petersburg).

NotLand reacts on the radically accelerated digitalisation of culture and the fact that this process lacks visual and conceptual diversity. The project was inspired by not-manifesto of "Tale of tales" studio and applies a familiar experience of synthetic environment to representation of art. Deliberating from geographical and physical limits, NotLand gives an opportunity to dive deeper in a space, to move their freely and to observe, scrutinize artefacts.

The project was created with the support of Swiss Art Council Pro Helvetia Moscow.


Till Langschied

Jürgen Baumann

Sasha Zubritskaya

Anna Rotaenko


Alexei Borisov


Irina Aksenova

Kate Mikhatova


Dmitry Rotkin

Install instructions

Download, unpack and run notland.exe

project site


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